A film featuring a glipmse of Icelandic fashion
Premiered at the Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2011

Directed by Thorbjörn Ingason &Ellen Loftsdóttir
Styled by Ellen Loftsdóttir
Art Direction by Hjalti Axel Yngvason
Model: Andrea from Elite, Iceland
Cinematography by Elli Cassata
External Cinematography by Hörður “Arró” Stefánsson

Choreography Sigga Soffia Nielsdóttir
Make up & Hair by Ísak Freyr Helgason
Music by Biggi Veira (Gus Gus)
Assistant styling by Hulda Halldóra Tryggvadóttir
Elisabet Gunnarsdóttir
Post Production by Thorbjörn Ingason
Hjalti Axel Yngvason at Narvi


~ by siggasoffia on May 11, 2011.

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