Next project: -To the Bone- with company Shalala

Currently working in the National Theater of Iceland on Erna Ómarsdóttir´s latest creation To the bone. The project will premiere at Reykavík Dance festival on the  23 of  August 2013. This will be the first step in Shalala s new creation To the bone (working title) which will be premiered in the National Theater of Iceland in 2013. Erna Ómarsdóttir asked a colorful group of dancers, actors, musicans ,visual artists, writers and politicians to join them in the question of how criticism and conviction meet in the dance with the devil.

We want to raise the question if critical thought is possible in the heat of the moment or if our own emotions tend to always lead us astray into to the world of hollow criticism even ending finally in prejudice. We are committed to creating theater that goes beyond our everyday lives, giving form to the hidden world of emotion and imagination, where the critical thought is embraced and celebrated.

More information on the festival can be found at



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