Shulem – Solo Performance at Hallgrímskrikja at 19:00

Premiere of the solo Shulem a on the 16th of august at 19:00  collaboration with Björn Steinar Sólbergsson one of Icelands leading Organists.

Music by Peter Eben, Costumes & Styling: Agnieszka Baranowska

The performance is at the opening of the festival of Sacred Arts in Hallgrímskirkja starting at 19:00. The focus of the festival is composer Arvo Part and his work.

fairytale,washedoutcolors,yourethemoon,art,photography,photoshop-804b38a1b67daf59439ab1980459be93_hpic: jeremy geddes


~ by siggasoffia on August 16, 2013.

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